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Career Advancement Scholarship

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  • The PA faculty or full-time PA program staff member must be serving at a PAEA member program at the time of presentation or participation in the training program.
  • The PA faculty member or full-time PA program staff member must have an accepted (not simply submitted) research poster, presentation, or panel proposal that raises the visibility of the PA profession or PA education.
  • Rationale for scholarship request
  • If you are presenting at a conference or meeting, please provide:
    • A notice or letter of acceptance to the conference or meeting
    • A copy of your accepted abstract or proposal, as submitted to the conference or meeting if you are making a presentatio
  • If you are applying for a training program and are approved for funding, please provide proof of registration

Prior to clicking 'Save and Finalize,' we respectfully ask that you please review your submission for completeness. Once your application is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive this message, please contact research@paeaonline.org or call 703-651-8540.