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OpenWater is the online platform used for accepting submissions. You might use Open Water to:

·       Apply for PAEA Research Grant Program

·       Apply for a PAEA Fellowship opportunity

·       Review Grants as a Judge/PAEA Volunteer opportunities

·       Nominate or manage a PAEA Faculty & Staff Award

If you have previously nominated someone for a PAEA Faculty & Staff Award, or applied for a Volunteer role, you will use your existing OpenWater account information and begin your Research application as a returning user.

To edit or submit your application you can log in to any of the secure application portals above. To begin a new application, you must select the secure application portal that hosts the opportunity.

Instructions for Creating a New User Account

If you were previously a volunteer, judge, or if you have used the portal to nominate a colleague for a PAEA Leadership Award, you may skip to the next section.

From the program home page:


Select My Account from the top menu:

Use the form on your right to register for a new account.


Instructions for Research Grant Programs Applications

You must apply for all Research Grant Programs through the Research portal (You will not find the application if you use the Awards or Volunteer home page)

Instructions for New Users

1) Select Program from the top menu. Then select Apply Now.

2) Complete the Cover Letter form. Some information will auto-populate from your profile.


3) Upload Attachments for the Personal Statement, Proposed Research Plan, Letters of Commitment and CV.

Save your work after each page.

4) Save and Finalize or Save and ‘return later’.

Select OK to submit your application.

Instructions for Returning Users

1) Sign in to your account from the Research Grant Programs home page.

2) If applicable (you were previously a judge or you nominated someone for an Award) select Continue into Applicant Portal.

2a) If you are returning to your open application, select View in-progress Applications from the left column or My Account on the top menu.

Select complete or in progress applications.

Select Edit to re-open your current application.

You may continue to input information from where you last saved.

2b) If you are starting a new application, select Program from the top menu. Then select Apply Now.

3) Complete the Cover Page form. Some information may auto-populate from your profile.

4) Upload attachments for the Personal Statement, Proposed Research Plan, Letters of Commitment, and CV.

5) When your application is complete select Save and Finalize to submit your application. Or select Save to come back to your application later.